Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birthdays! Baseball! and Books?!? (You missed my birthday now get me a present!)

It was my birthday yesterday, and you didn't get me anything, so here's a gift idea!

By the title of this blog you know that I'm about to talk about a book.  Not that I'm holding you hostage with my blog, but I'm purposefully writing this part first before you get to the rest of my blog..It's for you own good, and you can save a life!  There's a book that's come out, an incredible book.  One that outlines the purpose of work, the design of work, the reasons why we do and don't succeed.  It's a funny, easy read, but deeply impactful.  It's called "Breaking out of a Broken System!" by Seth and Chandler Bolt.  The Bolt brothers are two wildly successful brothers on two ends of the work spectrum.  Seth is the bassist for NeedtoBreathe, a full fledged rock star as well as a talented producer, and Chandler is the entrepreneurial one who is a young gun in the business world.

I would love you to  buy this book for yourself as a present to me!  Here's the kicker, the money that Seth and Chandler make from this book is being GIVEN AWAY…ALL OF IT!  And not just given away, but given with a purpose.  Every penny of proceeds goes to Palmetto Medical Initiative.  It just so happens that the profit from one book equals the cost of one malaria pill, that will save a real life!  I saved this fact, because the book on it's own merit is well worth the purchase.  I did not want the great cause of this book to hinder your understanding of how great I think the content is, however, now that you know what you get for your money and what you do with your money, the purchase of the book becomes a no brainer!   #1book1life

On with the blog:

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was my first without being on a baseball team since I was 3 years old.  I love having a March birthday in Florida.  I remember taking my friends to a Tigers spring training game instead of having a party.  I remember watching the Royals play from atop 'The Hurricane' roller coaster at Boardwalk and Baseball back in the late eighties.  My birthdays have always brought great memories, and most of those memories have dealt with baseball.  My first spring training with the Braves was as a guy with no guaranteed job.  The game happened on my birthday.  I hit a homer and had a double in the first game of the year with my entire family there to celebrate.

It may then seem to you like yesterday may have been a let down.  In a sense, I can understand your assumption.  The day was spent crammed away in an office studying for a securities test I have to take later in the week.  I ate lunch in a conference room accompanied by my laptop, course books, and cell phone in airplane mode (I needed it for the calculator).  As I was leaving the office I turned my phone back on, and holy cow!  One of the best birthday memories I will ever have was the seemingly unending ringing in of text messages and voice mails.  It was one of those moments where you feel the love.  Then the day finished with what else baseball and family!  Nathan had a game that I coached, the kids played great and had a blast.  Anna, Jake, and Leslee had snuck my favorite, Boston cream cake, into the house and we crushed it!  So baseball and family were once again part of my birthday, and I wouldn't want it any other way!